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Develop & Observe

Developer-first observability for apps on AWS Lambda

API Gateway

Fast cloud feedback for development & ops.

Developers do it all now. Serverless Console does too. It gives you fast feedback on your cloud apps on AWS that's useful from your first line of code to massive scale.

Serverless AWS
Powerful support for all serverless infrastructure on AWS.
Dev Mode
Develop rapidly with real-time logs, metrics & traces for AWS Lambda & more.
Trace Explorer
Instantly query traces, invocations, requests, errors, status codes & more.
Beautiful Metrics
Metrics carefully curated by experts for infrastructure, use-cases & uptime.
Use Any IaC
Support for CloudFormation, CDK, Serverless Framework & more.

Streaming Logs

Dev Mode

Keep it open while you develop on AWS to stream logs, traces, invocations, requests and more—in real-time.

Real-Time Logs & Spans

In less than 1 second, Dev Mode streams both Logs and Spans , enabling you to see how your AWS Lambda code is working as well as the requests it's making to other services.

Stream via Powerful Filters

Use real-time filtering to stream logs from one or multiple AWS Lambda functions into Dev Mode to get fast feedback while you develop your app. Simply set tags for your app name, environment and more to centralize your logs view and develop rapidly.


Enriched Request Info

In addition to logs, you can see request and response payloads, and trace information for every request. Click on any log line to open all logs from that individual request as well as the enriched information, instantly.

Supercharged Troubleshooting


Powerful query capabilities across all AWS Lambda invocations, API Requests via API Gateway, alongside enriched, intelligent traces, to resolve issues immediately.

Query Everything

Instant search at your fingertips to easily browse traces, errors, performance issues, AWS Lambda invocations, API requests by status code, timeouts, cold-starts, and so much more.


Surface Every Error

Errors are always surfaced and made easy to read, with full stack traces and other useful information, so you can identify the issue without having to waste time doing scavenger hunts across dashboards.

Enriched Traces

See full timelines of what happened in every Trace. AWS Lambda performance information has been carefully extracted and explained. Traces are automatically enriched with support for other AWS services, Node.js, Express.js, AWS SDK, and more.

Beautiful Metrics


Keep it open while you develop on AWS to stream logs, traces, invocations, requests and more—in real-time.

The Overview You Need

See beautiful, curated overviews across AWS accounts and regions, to understand volume, errors, error rates, cost estimates, latency, and more.


Prioritizes What Matters

Across all AWS accounts and regions, see what services are receiving the most requests, and what services are receiving the most errors. Everything is clickable to instantly go to the Explorer to unveil more information.

Fully Customizable

Create and customize every metrics view via powerful filters. Create views for production environments, regions, AWS accounts, APIs, or everything together.