Serverless Framework
The Serverless Framework's new infrastructure provisioning technology — Build, compose, & deploy serverless apps in seconds...
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Serverless Components are built around higher-order use-cases (e.g. a website, blog, payment system, image service). Irrelevant low-level infrastructure details are abstracted away, and simpler configuration is offered instead.


While Serverless Components can be easily composed in YAML (serverless.yml), they are written as reusable javascript libraries (serverless.js), with simple syntax inspired by component-based frameworks, like React.


Serverless Components are designed to be entirely vendor agnostic, enabling you to easily use services from different vendors, together! Like, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Azure Functions, Google Big Query, Twilio, Stripe, Algolia, Cloudflare Workers and more.

Fast deployments

Most Serverless Components deploy 20x faster than traditional cloud provisioning tools. Our intention is to design Serverless Components that deploy almost instantly, removing the need to emulate cloud services locally.

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.