We envision a world where developers can easily scale their cloud infrastructure on any platform from any device. At Serverless we are creating the tools for that.

Our Story

In 2015 when we released the Serverless Framework open source project, we had no idea what the serverless movement would become, or how fast it would grow.

Today, the Serverless Framework Open Source is the main way developers deploy cloud applications on any FaaS provider. We also have an entire suite of Framework Enterprise tooling that makes it seamless for organizations to adopt cloud technologies and run them at scale.

At Serverless, Inc., we believe many things. We believe that a future with serverless technologies at its center is inevitable. That serverless will let developers focus less on administration, and more on driving business value to end users. That serverless will allow organizations to innovate and get to market more quickly.

Most importantly, we believe that these are great things. Our mission is to empower every developer to go serverless.

Our Team

Austen Collins

Founder & CEO

Ganesh Radhakrishnan

VP of Engineering

Bill Fine

VP of Product

Maciej Skierkowski

Senior Director of Product Management

Verne Lindner

Director of UX/UI

Rowell Belen

Senior Platform Engineer

Jeremy Coffield

Platform Architect

Fernando Medina Corey

Solutions Architect

Sandesh Devaraju

Senior Software Engineer

Eslam Hefnawy

Senior Software Engineer

Mike Hujet

Enterprise Account Executive

Gareth McCumskey

Solutions Architect

Chris McLeod

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Philipp Müns

Framework Core Developer

Mariusz Nowak

Senior Software Engineer, Open Source Tools

Kristin Roche

Head of People

AJ Stuyvenberg

Senior Platform Engineer

Steve Westergaard

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Steve Willard

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Our Investors


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