Tencent Cloud and Serverless Join Forces to Bring the Serverless Movement to China

Nov 6, 2019

A few months ago we met with a team from Tencent Cloud to discuss how we could work together to bring the serverless movement to China, and we immediately realized that we both share a similar vision... that serverless is the future of the cloud. We also recognized that Tencent is more ambitious about serverless than other cloud providers. From their leadership team to their engineers, everyone at Tencent impressed us with their commitment to innovating within the serverless space.

Today we are excited to announce that Tencent Cloud is joining our cloud provider partner program as a Premier Partner. If you don’t know Tencent, they are the largest internet company in Asia, providing services for hundreds of millions of people via a wide range of products, like QQ and WeChat. Gamers know them as the company behind Riot Games and League of Legends. Under the covers these popular internet services, and many other similar services from a variety of companies, are powered by the Tencent Cloud.

By partnering with an infrastructure provider with the ambition and talent Tencent has, together, our companies can deliver a serverless cloud experience like no other cloud has, all to empower developers and large enterprises alike. Our shared goal is to enable developers to innovate more than ever, by offering them more use-cases to run on serverless infrastructure. We will also strive to make the developer experience of those use-cases as simple as possible. We want every developer to be able to harness the power of serverless cloud infrastructure, so they can innovate more and manage less.

For enterprises, our collaboration will yield many operational tools that will enable enterprise software teams to not only innovate more quickly, but more safely. We will give teams advanced monitoring and observability features. We will also offer powerful debugging capabilities, streamlined deployment pipelines, security automation and policy enforcement to ensure developer teams are following organizational policies.

Though our partnership is new, we've already built some things you can use today. We released three open-source, Serverless Framework projects that make it easy to deploy some of the most common serverless uses cases onto the Tencent Cloud: Express.js apps; static websites; and REST APIs.

Express.js applications graphic with Tencent Cloud and Serverless logos

Deploy Express applications to Tencent Cloud. No need to change your application code or learn new things. We've created a simpler experience for delivering serverless APIs via the new Serverless Express.js Component. In seconds, you can deploy an auto-scaling, pay-per-use Express.js application on Tencent Serverless Cloud Functions.

Serverless Website component graphic with Tencent Cloud and Serverless logos

We have something for front-end developers too. In seconds, you can deploy auto-scaling, pay-per-use, serverless websites, React and Vue.js applications.

Graphic of the Tencent Cloud Provider

With very little configuration, you can now also easily deploy REST API endpoints that take advantage of the full range of Tencent API Gateway features (e.g. usage plans and throttling). You can also easily deploy Tencent Serverless Cloud Functions as scheduled jobs, and react to events on Tencent Cloud Object Storage, Tencent Message Broker and Tencent Cloud Kafka.

As you try out each of these open-source projects, tell us how to improve your experience by logging issues and feature requests in the related Github repos. Our next steps will be to enable more use-cases to be built on serverless infrastructure, like types of data processing pipelines, AI and machine learning, workflow automation and more. Additionally, we will start to focus on advanced monitoring and debugging features, so developer teams have the appropriate level of observability to bring these use-cases into production, and the debugging power to identify the root causes of issues and fix them quickly.

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