Serverless v1.25 - S3 Transfer Acceleration, API Gateway endpoint type configuration, variable system improvements

Dec 21, 2017

Here at Serverless, we've been working hard to deliver some holiday goodies.

Today we're proud to announce Serverless Framework v1.25.

Changes v1.25 introduces

You can find a complete list of all the updates in the file.

S3 Transfer Acceleration

Faster deployments? Yes, please!

This feature adds S3 Transfer Acceleration support for uploading your deployment packages to S3. Rather than uploading to your region's origin for S3, it uploads the package to CloudFront edge locations and quickly transfers it to S3.

To enable this new feature, use the --aws-s3-accelerate flag when deploying your service:

$ sls deploy --aws-s3-accelerate

In testing, we've seen huge speedups in package uploads. In an example test, this was 42% faster than using the normal S3 upload for someone located in the target AWS region. When uploading to a different region (e.g. from Italy to us-west-2), we saw 10x speedups! ⚡️

Much thanks to Alex Casalboni for adding this feature!

API Gateway Endpoint Type Configuration

AWS recently announced regional endpoints for API Gateway. These endpoints are accessed from the same region where your API Gateway REST API is deployed. This enables a lot of interesting use cases, including multi-region Serverless applications with lower latency or the ability to use AWS WAF with your API Gateway REST APIs.

You can enable this feature using the endpointType property in the provider block of your serverless.yml:

# serverless.yml

  name: aws
  endpointType: regional

Serverless defaults to an EDGE endpoint, which was the standard before AWS released regional endpoints.

Improved variable processing

For power users of the Framework, the variable resolution could cause some issues. There are a number of bug fixes related to the variable system including support for circular references and a few different PRs to better handle resolving variables that call out to external services like CloudFormation, SSM, or S3.

These are huge improvements to the power and stability of the Framework, and they're difficult to implement in a consistent, non-breaking way. We appreciate the hard work of our community members in these fixes, particularly Framework core maintainer Frank Schmid, Benjamin Forster, and long-time user Erik Erikson. Be sure to thank these fine folks for their contributions!

Other enhancements & bug fixes

This release also includes tons of other improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you very much for reporting bugs, opening issues and joining the discussions!

We hope that you enjoy this release! Feel free to provide some feedback in our Forum, via Twitter or on GitHub.


This release contains lots of hard work from our beloved community, and wouldn't have been possible without passionate people who decided to spend their time contributing back to make the Serverless Framework better.

Huge round of applause to all of the contributors who submitted changes for this release:

  • Alex Casalboni
  • Benjamin Forster
  • Bill Wang
  • Brendan Jurd
  • Carlos Hernando Carasol
  • Erik Erikson
  • Farley
  • Francisco Guimarães
  • Frank Schmid
  • Gary Richards
  • Geoffrey Lancaster
  • Hassan Khan
  • Ivan Schwarz
  • James Tharpe
  • Jarrod Swift
  • Jeffrey Noehren
  • Michael Jalkio
  • Rafal Wilinski
  • Seiji Komatsu
  • Sherif O
  • Takahiro Horike
  • Vlad Holubiev
  • dbachko
  • jeffnoehren
  • liamgray
  • raids
  • sax

Upcoming releases / contributions

In addition to the 1.26 milestone and its Issues and PRs, we still have lots and lots of other Issues and PRs. We'd love to implement and introduce these in some of the upcoming releases.

Do you want to help out and improve the Serverless Framework?

Great! We have lots of issues where you could leave some feedback or jump directly into the implementation.

Additionally PR reviews are also highly welcomed as they greatly speed up the time-to-merge.

Serverless Examples

The Serverless Examples Repository is an excellent resource if you want to explore some real world examples, or learn more about the Serverless Framework and serverless architectures in general.

Serverless Plugins

Serverless provides a completely customizable and pluggable codebase. Our community has written a vast amount of awesome plugins you can use to further enhance the capabilities of the Framework. You can find the full list at our Serverless Plugins Repository.

Don't hestitate to open up a PR over there if you've authored or found a new Serverless plugin!

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