Serverless Framework – Now, Full Lifecycle

Jul 22, 2019

If we end up in a situation where we need to cobble together several tools and services to build and manage serverless applications, something has gone wrong.

Serverless is about simplifying software, by radically reducing its complexity. We're not here to recreate that complexity. We're here to challenge it.

Today, we're doing just that. We're expanding the Serverless Framework to be more than a tool for development and deployment.

Now, the Serverless Framework includes real-time monitoring, testing, secrets management and security features, in a single, unified experience. All of which are now available to every developer, for free.

Click here to try the new bigger, bolder Serverless Framework.

In fairness, it's been hard to avoid using multiple tools to build and manage serverless applications. Serverless apps are 4x more efficient, but there are real differences in how you make and maintain them, which no single solution has accommodated well.

Our new goal is to give developer teams everything they need to build incredible amounts of amazing work, without having to ask, "Now, how do I test, monitor and secure this?". We’re taking on the entire serverless application lifecycle, giving you convenience and a streamlined workflow.

Serverless Framework - Develop Deploy Test Monitor Secure

Further, given we’re your deployment framework and we know how your app is modeled, we’re able to instrument it for metrics, error and performance alerts, deployment notifications, automated tests and more, without you having to do it yourself.

We're also now offering simple, transparent pricing. Every feature the Serverless Framework offers — across development, deployment, testing, monitoring and security — can be used by you and your team within a free tier of up to 1 million transactions a month.

After that, we charge for monitoring additional invocations, as well as by team seat via an “Unlimited” pricing tier that grows with you.

Lastly, we offer plans for large purchases, as well as support, services, training and a self-hosted version of Serverless Framework.


If you want to just use the open source Serverless Framework CLI to develop and deploy your serverless applications, you still can. It is and will always be open source. The only difference now is you have powerful monitoring, testing and security features available to you, right after first deploy.

We’re fighting in the name of simplicity with the Serverless Framework. As it evolves into a more complete solution, we hope it enables everyone to build more and manage less.

– The Team @ Serverless Inc.

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