Serverless (Cron)icle #2 - News from the Serverless Community

May 12, 2017

The open source Serverless Framework is backed by a super smart and extensive community of developers (we've passed 16,000 stars on GitHub!) Besides contributing code, our community is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. We're going to start sharing a roundup of some of these community links to help you keep up with news in the serverless ecosystem. Check out this week's list below:

Perspective on multi-cloud (part 1 of 3)

Multi-cloud is a hot topic in serverless these days. In this series Heptio CEO Craig McLuckie shares his perspective on cloud providers, decoupled architectures, provider lock-in, and the tension that exists between private and public cloud deployments. Read more on the Heptio blog here. By Craig McLuckie.

Perspective on multi-cloud (part 2 of 3) — On premises plus/vs public cloud

In part 2 of this series, Heptio CEO Craig McLuckie takes a deep dive into the characteristics of on-premises deployments vs. public cloud deployments. Continue reading the series on the Heptio blog here. By Craig McLuckie.

Taming Dragons - aka Multi-Provider Serverless Apps

James Thomas, from IBM, talks about the challenges related to building multi-provider serverless apps and how he's working to overcome them. Check out the video from his talk at a recent AWS Meetup in the UK here. By James Thomas.

How to Build a Serverless, SEO-Friendly React Blog

Learn how to build a serverless, CMS-powered blog using React, ButterCMS, and built-in prerendering through Netlify in thi tutorial. See the full tutorial as well as links to the code on GitHub on The New Stack here. By Roger Jin.

Announcing the new webpack CLI

Webpack recently updated its CLI for an improved user experience. Their goal was to make it easier for developers, especially beginners, to get started. See more details and the roadmap on the webpack blog here. By Evan Stensberg

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