Serverless (Cron)icle #6 - News from the Serverless Community

Jul 28, 2017

The open source Serverless Framework is backed by a super smart and extensive community of developers (we've passed 17,000 stars on GitHub). Besides contributing code, our community is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Here's a roundup of some of these articles, videos, and posts to help you keep up with the news in the serverless ecosystem.

BinaryAlert: Real-time Serverless Malware Detection

Airbnb is proud to announce the open-source release of BinaryAlert: a serverless, real-time framework for detecting malicious files. BinaryAlert can efficiently analyze millions of files a day with a configurable set of YARA rules and will trigger an alert as soon as anything malicious is discovered! Organizations can deploy BinaryAlert to their private AWS account in a matter of minutes, allowing them to analyze internal files and documents within the confines of their own environment. - By Austin Byers

Three Startups Using IBM OpenWhisk Serverless to Transform Their Industries

Serverless computing, which many are hailing as the next era of cloud computing, relieves many of these hassles by abstracting away infrastructure, running code and scaling on-demand. For developers, serverless platforms with a strong cognitive stack, such as IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk, gives them unprecedented access to powerful services such as Watson APIs, the Watson IoT Platform and weather intelligence. - By Jason McGee

How long does AWS Lambda keep your idle functions around before a cold start?

Using AWS Step Function to find the longest time your AWS Lambda function can idle before the resources are reclaimed. - By Yan Cui

Developer Experience Lessons Operating a Serverless-like Platform At Netflix

The Netflix API is based on a dynamic scripting platform that handles thousands of changes per day. This platform allows our client developers to create a customized API experience on over a thousand device types by executing server side adapter code in response to HTTP requests. Developers are only responsible for the adapter code they write; they do not have to worry about infrastructure concerns related to server management and operations. To these developers, the scripting platform in effect, provides an experience similar to that offered by serverless or FaaS platforms. - By Vasanth Asokan, Ludovic Galibert and Sangeeta Narayanan

Is it possible to host Facebook on AWS?

Facebook has been around since 2004. In the years since, the company, now one of the five US tech giants, has moved from a single server running in a dorm room to seven purpose-built data centres dotted around the globe. It’s likely there are more planned for coming years as Facebook expects its user count of 1.94BN to continue growing. Recent news of Snap’s $2BN + $1BN deals with Google Cloud Platform and AWS (Amazon Web Services) got us wondering whether it’s possible to run the behemoth that is Facebook on AWS. Now remember, we’re not asking if Facebook should host on AWS - we’re just asking if it’s possible. - By SQLizer

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