Serverless (Cron)icle #4 - News from the Serverless Community

Jul 5, 2017

The open source Serverless Framework is backed by a super smart and extensive community of developers (we've passed 17,000 stars on GitHub). Besides contributing code, our community is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Here's a roundup of some of these articles, videos, and posts to help you keep up with the news in the serverless ecosystem.

Serverless Event Sourcing at Nordstrom

A look at the award-winning reference architecture for a retail store, Hello Retail, by the team at Nordstrom. Hello Retail is a proof-of-concept Serverless architecture for a retail store. The team at Nordstrom built the project to experiment with Serverless Event Sourcing. Nordstrom is an early adopter of Serverless architectures. The team has built Serverless microservices for a number of production systems. The use cases for Serverless include API backends and stream processing. - By John McKim

An essential guide to the serverless ecosystem

Serverless computing is gaining momentum in the IT industry, and for good reason. Despite being a relatively new capability, it has captured the imagination of many technologists with the promise of delivering such benefits as shortened time to market, improved operational and security practices, and a revolutionary economic model based on pay-as-you-go pricing. - By Rafal Gancarz

A vision for loosely-coupled and high-performance serverless architecture

When we talk about serverless architectures, we often talk about the natural fit between serverless and microservices. We’re already partitioning code into individually-deployed functions — and the current focus on RPC-based microservices will eventually change into event-driven microservices as serverless-native architectures become more mature. - By Ben Kehoe

Serverless: The pros and cons of building a company without infrastructure

In my talk, I tried to address what Serverless is and why it is becoming such a big thing, also exploring what I believe are the pros and cons of this new paradigm. - By Luciano Mammino

Coding for a serverless future

Looking down the road at zero-infrastructure development. I consider myself really lucky that for all the progress we’ve made in the last few decades, we’re still in the nascent stages of our industry. There’s no other line of work I know of where the landscape changes so rapidly, and so dramatically, as in technology. - By Jay Rodgers

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