Introducing Serverless Console V2

Nov 10, 2022

Today, we're introducing Serverless Console V.2, packed with exciting features supporting Console's mission of enabling Real-Time Cloud Feedback For Developers, on AWS Lambda of course.

Serverless Console is a rich observability solution for apps built on AWS Lambda and other services. Its Dev Mode feature is favored above all because it streams observability data in less than 1 second, making cloud debugging significantly easier. Dev Mode has been vastly improved in Serverless Console V.2, and enhanced by AWS Lambda Extensions’ new Telemetry API to offer more details about your functions in real-time.

Real-Time Spans, Requests & Responses in Dev Mode

Dev Mode launched with the ability stream and filter Logs from multiple AWS Lambda functions in less than 1 second. However, debugging serverless applications is about more than Logs, you also need to see how your functions interact with other services.

Now, Dev Mode streams Spans and presents them alongside your Logs, enabling you to see the requests your AWS Lambda functions are making to other services.

This currently supports AWS SDK requests, like AWS S3, SQS, SNS, and DynamoDB requests.

Every Log and Span in the main feed is clickable, so you can quickly view essential details about that activity.

When Dev Mode is enabled on your functions, you can also see Requests and Responses on each Span, if applicable. For example, you can see the query made to an AWS DynamoDB table as well as its response.

When Dev Mode is enabled on your functions, the event and response to and from every AWS Lambda function invocation is also available.

Please note, inputs and outputs may contain sensitive information. This data is not stored by us, and it is only available if you have "Dev Mode" enabled on your AWS Lambda functions. We do not recommend enabling "Dev Mode" on functions in production.

Easier Instrumentation via the UI

To make instrumentation easier across many AWS accounts and Lambda functions, we now offer a detailed view of the accounts and functions that Serverless Console has connected to, and their level of instrumentation. Simply click the toggles to enable collecting Logs, Tracing and streaming observability data via Dev Mode.

Improved Performance & Presentation

Lastly, we have introduced significant instrumentation and performance improvements and now guarantee Serverless Console results in no added latency to your AWS Lambda functions running in production.

Further, to better understand your AWS Lambda functions’ performance, every AWS Lambda Span within Dev Mode and our Explorer offers a new AWS Lambda invocation duration breakdown. Here, Console uses AWS Lambda Extensions’ new Telemetry API to collect precise AWS Lambda Initialization, Invocation, and Post-Processing time done by AWS Lambda Extensions, if any. This breakdown also includes a new "User Experience" metric which tells you exactly how long it took for an AWS Lambda function return a response by combining Initialization and Invocation duration together.

A Bigger Free Tier

Serverless Console now has a bigger Free Tier, which allows up to 100K Traces a month for free–for unlimited users.

Serverless Console V.2 is available in almost all AWS regions. Enhanced Tracing and Span details are only available for Node.js at this time. 

Connect your AWS account to Console to get started.

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