Releasing Serverless Framework V.1 & Fundraising

Oct 12, 2016

For over a year now, we’ve been building an application framework to help developers spend less time operating complex infrastructure and more time delivering results. To date, the Serverless Framework has garnered more than 11,000 stars on Github and hundreds of startups and enterprise users use it every week to deploy thousands of AWS Lambda functions.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Serverless Framework V.1 out of beta. We’re also announcing we’ve closed a seed round of funding worth $3 million, led by Trinity Ventures. With these funds, we’ll be able to substantially increase our efforts on the Framework and evolve its focus to help users deploy bigger, more powerful serverless architectures, across providers.

Here’s how to quickly get started with Serverless Framework V.1:

You can also look through our documentation or jump directly into our guide. For any questions please consult the Serverless Forum or open an issue on Github.

Graduating From Beta

In the beginning (Serverless Framework V.0), the key AWS services that comprise the Serverless Architecture (e.g., AWS Lambda, API Gateway) required a lot of assistance to use. Today, they have all matured well and most of their functionality is supported by AWS CloudFormation, allowing users to perform safer deployments of their functions and required resources.

In order for our users to take advantage of these new benefits, we started working on Serverless Framework V.1 Beta five months ago which relied entirely on AWS CloudFormation for deployments. This change allowed us to focus more on developer experience and solving new challenges within the serverless architecture.

Since then, we’ve been building and testing Serverless Framework V.1 publicly. The feedback is unanimously positive, and this has led our decision to bring it out of beta.


This fundraising wouldn’t have been possible without the power of open-source and the amazing community of developers who have submitted countless lines of code to make the Serverless Framework what it is. Therefore, our first order of business is simply to invest in more open source.

The Serverless Framework was born as and will always be open-source. The majority of our new resources will be devoted to improving and expanding the Framework, engaging more closely with the community and improving our educational materials so people can better understand and realize the benefits of the serverless architecture. Additionally, we plan to invest in more Framework related open-source side projects.

We will release more info on the next steps of the framework after the V.1 release. If you want to start contributing to Serverless check out our Contribution documentation.

The Next Frontier

The “Serverless Movement” came out of nowhere and has grown quickly to become one of the leading buzzwords of 2016. What has also grown is the number of companies offering serverless-like compute services, also known as Functions-as-a-Service. These new entrants to the market are of interest because they represent new options we can present to our users.

AWS Lambda is the dominant player in the world of serverless computing, and rightfully so considering its level of maturity. Our main goal is still to provide the greatest possible developer experience for AWS Lambda. However, our new secondary goal is to review the current options for serverless computing, determine which ones give developers the most value (and the best “serverless” experience), and support them within the Framework.

We’re working closely with the major providers of other serverless compute offerings, and we look forward to announcing a few soon.

Thanks Again, Community

We wouldn’t have made it this far without our open-source community. The amount of effort the community contributes every day amazes us. Our next immediate priority is to start recognizing contributors more publicly and help promote them as the Serverless pioneers and experts they rightfully are. We’ll be announcing our new champion program shortly.

Until then, take care and have fun building!

  • The Serverless Team

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