October 2021 Community Call Recap: Serverless Cloud Public Preview

Oct 22, 2021

Here's the replay of our first Community Call on October 14 2021 where we talk the about the public preview of Serverless Cloud. CEO Austen Collins, Jeremy Daly, General Manager of Serverless Cloud, and the team demonstrate how it radically simplifies serverless app development. Our next Community Call will be in early November - we'll keep you posted!

Serverless Cloud helps you develop on the cloud—fast. Install it with NPM, run the `cloud` command to create an app, and answer a few simple prompts. In seconds you're up and running with a live, auto-scaling, serverless front-end and backend. Create REST and GraphQL APIs, use our built-in database, schedule tasks, store secrets, and process data changes. During development, every time you save your changes sync to the cloud in less than a second and your logs and errors stream into the CLI in real-time - which is great for rapid prototyping and development environments!

Learn more by checking out our announcement post and claiming your profile name - it's free to get started!

Fork one of our existing sample apps or from someone else's profile to get started instantly

Get started instantly with your own environment...and database!

Use your favorite tools to develop and use the CLI to stream logs and error data locally

Quickly create REST APIs

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