The re:Invent serverless virtual hackathon begins NOW

Nov 26, 2018

We’re closing out #NoServerNovember with a special-edition re:Invent virtual hackathon.

Winners get fame, glory, and an Amazon Echo or other cool prizes! Want to participate? Awesome. Read on for the challenge description and details.

The deadline to submit your project is Sunday, Dec 2 at 11:00pm PT! So you've got all week.

(Note that this hackathon isn't in direct partnership with AWS, it's just a fun thing Serverless is doing alongside re:Invent.)

The hackathon challenge

It's #GivingTuesday. As a community, let's help AWS's Andrew Jassy fulfill his newest mission: putting a cat in every home in America.

Jassy's newest non-profit, Amazon Feline, is seeking to help match cats with new homes and offering free relocation for each pet adopted.

This year, we're going to work together to ensure Jassy has everything he needs to build a successful non-profit just in time for AWS re:Invent. You're probably wondering, "How can I help?"

With a Serverless app, of course. Or a new component, plugin, or example to help get the non-profit up and running.

Important note: This scenario is all in good fun, and Amazon Feline is not an actual AWS-sponsored hackathon or non-profit initiative. However! We do plan to take your projects and create replicable applications and repos that non-profits around the world can use to help promote their own missions.

Some ideas include:

The sky is truly the limit. Make whatever your heart desires, as long as it fits the theme.

How to enter

You can win an Amazon Echo, Serverless swag, or other goodies! Just make sure to follow the submission guidelines for your entry to be counted:

  1. Tweet the link to your GitHub repo and a screenshot of your project in action, if applicable.
  2. Include the hashtags #reInvent2018 & #NoServerNovember.
  3. Mention @goserverless.

Also, you should totally submit your finished project to our Examples Repo as well, where it will stand a pretty good chance of getting featured on our website in the Examples Explorer.


To qualify, the entry must use the Serverless Framework and AWS Lambda.

These projects will all be open-sourced to help other charitable organizations clone, modify, or expand upon to grow their own reach.


Winners will be hand-picked by the Serverless team. We will judge entries based on their relevance to the theme, as well as the project's broader applications for non-profits.

More #NoServerNovember fun

We kind of took over November this year with a month-long series of Serverless challenges! If you’d rather try your hand at a smaller project, check out our weekly #NoServerNovember challenges as well:

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