May 17th Community Call - Webinar Recap

Jun 22, 2022

The on-demand recap of the May 2022 Serverless Community Call on May 4th is now available!

We had a packed agenda, showing off big product updates - Serverless Framework Compose, early access to Serverless Console, and a user story of how WAIR uses Serverless to help brands like Nike help shoppers fit clothes online.

What we covered:

Serverless Console

A short demonstration on how you can scale your team’s productivity, not your infrastructure with the new Serverless Console. Monitor, observe, and trace your serverless architectures. Real-time dev mode provides streaming logs from your AWS Lambda Functions.

Structuring Serverless Projects For Dev Teams

Presented by Gareth McCumskey - Developer Relations @ Serverless

Learn how structure your projects for success as your team grows and complexity increases over time. We discussed:

  • Best Git repo structure for multiple services
  • The right size for a Serverless Framework service
  • Best practices for inter-service communication
  • Managing shared infrastructure between services

We also shared the first chapter of our upcoming Serverless Guide which covers this and more!

Purple Technology's Serverless Story

Purple Technology creates app for investment brokers and financial services firms to complement online trading platforms, enabling tens of thousands of traders worldwide to manage over $1B USD assets every month.

Filip Pyrek - Serverless Architect, and Jan Červinka - Director of Engineering at Purple-Technology shared their journey using Serverless with:

  • Step-functions
  • DynamoDB
  • CI

Connect with the speakers:

Filip Pyrek - Serverless Architect @ Purple Technology

Jan Červinka - Director of Engineering @ Purple Technology

Gareth McCumskey - Developer Relations @ Serverless

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