Introducing the Serverless Cloud Full Stack Experience

Mar 29, 2022

Developers have been enjoying the massive productivity boost and ease of use that Serverless Cloud provides when building backend applications. Now we’ve taken Serverless Cloud to a whole new level. Introducing our new “Full Stack” experience, making Serverless Cloud the most productive full-stack developer platform you'll ever use.

Serverless Cloud now provides built-in support for frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js, Eleventy, SvelteKit,, and Next.js, with additional frameworks coming soon. This allows developers to seamlessly integrate frontend and backend code into a completely unified developer experience, giving you a blazing fast feedback loop.

Dev Mode

The Serverless Cloud CLI now provides a new “dev mode” that will run your framework’s local development server wrapped in your app’s context. This gives you remote access to your personal sandbox’s params, data, and storage. Plus, we automatically create a local proxy to your API endpoint that runs alongside the local development server, letting you interact with your live backend in real time. Add a “cloud:dev” script to your package.json that runs your framework’s standard “dev” script, and you’re ready to go.

"scripts": {
  "cloud:dev": "vue-cli-service serve"

To start your local dev server, type "cloud dev" in your terminal, or just "dev" from within the Cloud Shell. If you want to work on your Frontend and Backend at the same time, start the Cloud Shell in your terminal with "cloud", then open another terminal and run "cloud dev". This enables the ultimate developer experience where changes to both sides of your application are immediately synced and testable without needing messy local mocking.

Run your backend and frontend side by side to enable a blazing fast feedback loop

Building your Frontend

Serverless Cloud now supports a “build” hook that will create a production optimized version of your project when running “share” or “deploy” from the CLI. Add your framework’s build command to your package.json’s “cloud:build” script, and it will run whenever it’s shared or deployed. Your build scripts also have full access to the cloud environment that you’re deploying to, letting you use stage-specific params, data, and storage to customize your build artifacts. This can be used to populate static content, set feature flags, make secure third-party API calls, and much more.

"scripts": {
  "cloud:build": "astro build"

Local SDK

The Serverless Cloud SDK has been upgraded to support local use cases when running scripts through the Serverless Cloud CLI. This lets you run scripts like “dev” and “build”, but also other local scripts that have access to the remote instances of your app. The SDK currently supports access to parameters, and read/write access to data and storage. Additional SDK provisioning features like api and schedule are not supported.

The local SDK can be used within your app’s build step, but also with local scripts that might need to perform remote actions such as data migrations, storage object transformations, or anything else that requires access to your remote instance’s state.

Static Site Rendering (SSR) Support

You can now build your Next.js and SvelteKit sites with Serverless Cloud. Enhanced support for these two frameworks has been added including SSR and image optimization. We’ve provided simple configuration wrappers that let you run these frameworks “withCloud”. These are built into our start templates, but if you’re migrating an existing project, these can easily be added to your existing configuration files.

// Next.js
const withCloud = require("@serverless/cloud/nextjs");
module.exports = withCloud({})

// SvelteKit
import withCloud from '@serverless/cloud/svelte';
export default withCloud({});

Start Building

Whether you're a solo developer, a multinational enterprise, or anywhere in between, Serverless Cloud provides the flexibility, security, and scalability to meet the unique needs of your applications. Plus, Serverless Cloud is backed by AWS serverless technology, so you can scale from zero to thousands of requests per second, without breaking a sweat.

Be sure to check out our documentation for more information, join our community slack channel, and sign up for your free Serverless Cloud account to start building full stack apps better and faster than everyone else!

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