Introducing Serverless Partners: Meet Parallax

Sep 22, 2016

Serverless architecture has opened a whole new world of possibilities for developers. We’re seeing so many cool projects being built with the Serverless Framework. The open-source Framework allows you to easily build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions and more. Startups to Fortune 100 companies are using the Framework to build sophisticated event-driven systems.

We’re collaborating with some of these organizations to highlight their exceptional work through the new Serverless Partners Program. Serverless Partners are consultants and agencies who are verified experts in serverless application development with the Serverless Framework. We’ll share stories of how they use the Framework to work fast, manage costs and build for scale, in order to produce innovative products and solutions for their clients. 

Meet Parallax

Meet Serverless Partner Parallax – an international digital marketing agency based in Leeds in the UK. Parallax builds websites, apps and software, in addition to crafting engaging content and optimizing SEO. They also work on all kinds of design, development and digital marketing. Parallax helps clients bring their ideas to life and tell their stories on the web and beyond. Find out more about Parallax’s work on their blog.

Building An Infinitely Scalable Online Recording Campaign For David Guetta & UEFA

Parallax worked on the huge marketing campaign for David Guetta’s new release – This One’s For You – the official anthem of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) 2016 European Championship finals. Working for UEFA in conjunction with sports group Perform, they created a revolutionary web app by utilizing in-house skills and a range of different technologies, including the Serverless Framework.

The Challenge

A huge part of the marketing campaign surrounding David Guetta’s track “This One’s For You” revolved around fans collaborating on the song’s actual production. Parallax was charged with building a web app that clearly explained the premise, allowed high fidelity voice recording and generated shareable content. Effectively, they needed to figure out a way of creating a virtual recording studio to enable 1 million unique fans to sing along with Guetta – their voices would then be sorted and compiled for inclusion on the final song.

The main challenge was creating the background architecture to handle the voice recording. UEFA required a stable platform that also looked the part and worked flawlessly time after time. On top of that, the site had to work seamlessly on all devices, operate in twelve languages and incorporate embedded video content.

The Solution

The Parallax team ultimately decided that writing a simple Lambda function and letting Amazon do all the heavy lifting seemed like the obvious choice. They settled on using Serverless and CloudFormation to orchestrate the entire platform in code, building a completely scalable architecture.

**“**Going serverless allowed us to concentrate on writing the features without worrying about how to scale it. We knew if it worked for one user, it would work for many. The Framework itself allowed us to stop worrying about the underlying architecture, but was powerful enough to dip into if needed.” –James Hall,Director at Parallax

Check out the Parallax Case Study for more on the specifics of their process and results. Spoiler Alert: It was a smashing success.

Are you a consultant or agency using the Serverless Framework to streamline your workflow and build innovative solutions for your clients? Contact for more info on becoming an official Serverless Partner.

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