Introducing Serverless (Cron)icle - News from the Serverless Ecosystem

May 5, 2017

The open source Serverless Framework is backed by a super smart and extensive community of developers (we've passed 16,000 stars on GitHub!) Besides contributing code, our community is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. We're going to start sharing a roundup of some of these community links to help you keep up with news in the serverless ecosystem. Check out this week's list below:

What Serverless and the Internet of Things Can Learn from Each Other

"Both are seeing massive interest from developer communities and enterprise, eager to implement solutions, and both need to learn how to support developers and systems integrators to adopt a fast moving technology with a rapid pace of innovation that means there are new things to learn every other week." Read more about what lessons the two fields can exchange on The New Stack here. By Mark Boyd.

My AWS Wish List for 2017

A serverless developer at A Cloud Guru (the masterminds behind ServerlessConf), John outlines his wish list for Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudFormation and more. Check it out on the A Cloud Guru blog here. By John McKim.

Virtual Panel - ServerlessConf 2017 Debriefing

In this conversation, Krish Subramanian from Rishidot Research talks with Erica Windisch, Benjamin Ball, Matt Weagle, Pete Johnson, Lee Calcote and Kevin McGrath about their major takeaways from ServerlessConf Austin. Watch the video here. From Rishidot Research.

Serverless: How We Bootstrapped Our Startup by Skipping Half the Work

Learn how the founders of the task management app were able to bootstrap their startup by going serverless. Read about their process and lessons learned in this Entrepreneur article here. By Jay Meistrich.

Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices

In this video from QCon San Francisco 2016 former Netflix engineering lead Josh Evans explains the anatomy of a microservice, and the challenges and benefits of distributed systems. He goes on to explore the cultural, architectural, and operational methods needed to master microservices. Lots of themes that are still relevant today. You can watch the video here. From Josh Evans.

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