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Aug 2, 2017

We’re getting geared up for Emit—our conference on event-driven architectures. Emit has some of the most prominent speakers and sponsors in the field, and in this five-part ‘Influencers’ series we’re highlighting their contributions. Want to know more about where we think event-driven architectures will be in two years? Join us on August 17.


Jared Short is a self-proclaimed “purveyor of the bleeding edge.” But hey. We’ve known that for a while.

He’s the Director of Innovation at Trek10, who coincidentally is the first Serverless Partner company we ever accepted into the program. They have been active contributors to our GitHub and maintain a fantastic blog. At Trek10, they saw immediately that building serverless apps was a way to take on minimal development overhead, and still produce a fine-tuned piece of software that would infinitely scale in production.

They have created apps for clients (from small business to enterprise) that do tens of millions of hits per day—all built on serverless infrastructure. So, they have a lot of proof to go off of when they say that going serverless has cut their infrastructure development time in half.

Looking to the Future

When we interviewed Jared in May, he was telling us about the way companies are skipping over the container trend and moving straight into serverless, because event-driven applications are a breath of fresh air. A developer can say, “Look, here’s my code…just run it in response to these particular events, exactly when I need them, at the scale I need them at.”

Serverless computing makes it make more sense to focus on action and reaction. When companies think in terms of events, they can design more along the lines of: Okay, when a user clicks ‘delete account’, we want to get a notification to a specific Slack channel and we want to trigger this specific email survey to them.

As for where serverless will be in a few more years? An event-driven mindset means Trek10 can continue to release better, more reactive apps. As they saw early on, actions carry the value.

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