Event-driven Influencers - Accenture

Aug 10, 2017

We’re getting geared up for Emit—our conference on event-driven architectures. Emit has some of the most prominent speakers and sponsors in the field, and in this five-part ‘Influencers’ series we’re highlighting their contributions. Want to know more about where we think event-driven architectures will be in two years? Join us on August 17.


Change tends to sneak by unnoticed at first. And when it happens fast, as it does in technical fields, that moment of noticing becomes a sudden reckoning. What have we missed? For how long? What does this thing even do?

Accenture does change better than almost anyone. They anticipate it by studying what’s new out there, daily, and asking themselves: What could we do with this? They’ve built cloud applications for everything from healthcare to finance to telecom—services that do things like monitor insurance claims and detect fraud.

Their approach to building new technology is to place themselves in the problem space of an entire industry. From there, they think from the ground up about what those companies need to be able to do that they currently can’t, and what it is they are already doing that they could be doing more efficiently.

Looking to the future

It’s an all-too common conception that serverless is a convenient tool for small, disruptive organizations to use in their early stages. But this conception overlooks everything that large enterprises have to gain: much quicker feature release cycles (a.k.a., competitive edge), and slashed infrastructure costs.

Accenture sees that too, and they are building ways for more established industries to take advantage. One result that we’re already seeing, is that enterprise companies are skipping over the container phase entirely. They are moving straight from their legacy architecture into serverless architectures.

Our prediction? The strength of serverless technology will pierce through the enterprise sector much faster than most people expect. Except, of course, those who are already vigilant for this change, and who are on the ground, right now, implementing it.

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