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Jul 28, 2017

We’re getting geared up for Emit—our conference on event-driven architectures. Emit has some of the most prominent speakers and sponsors in the field, and in this five-part ‘Influencers’ series we’re highlighting their contributions. Want to know more about where we think event-driven architectures will be in two years? Join us on August 17.


There is a lot of value on the table for enterprises who go serverless, but the problem is: it’s a rapidly-changing space. Very few terms are lined out in concrete, and even the most established experts are still debating about things like what an ‘event’ really is.

A Cloud Guru saw early on that there was a disparity in what people could do in the cloud, and what people knew they could do in the cloud. They stepped up to fill in those educational gaps, with a hard focus on serverless computing and the event-driven mindset it facilitates.

For a company who wants to reap the benefits of event-driven architecture, or for a developer who wants to expand their reach, A Cloud Guru does a great job of keeping it relevant. They continually cull out the latest industry best practices and create new courses based on what developers really need to know.

Looking to the future

Look: this is the nature of the web. Nothing stays the same. As a developer, it will always be necessary to learn new languages and frameworks. As a company, it will always be necessary to update your digital strategy in order to stay competitive. Education is your weapon.

A Cloud Guru keeps their eyes on the pulse of what is driving the industry, and updates their course materials in stride. As deeper knowledge becomes necessary, they provide certification courses that keep development teams up to date and drive value.

Every change has its bellweather. A Cloud Guru is telling you exactly where to look.

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