December 2021 Community Call Recap

Dec 14, 2021

Here's the replay of our December 2021 Community Call! Jeremy Daly, GM of Cloud and AWS Serverless Hero, showed off the latest feature - Serverless Storage - and how to easily set it up in Serverless Cloud.

Next, Matthieu Napoli, Serverless Framework product manager, showed off the v3 CLI experience and how easy it is to create a new service utilizing AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB, and SQS.

Chris Calogerro, Product Designer, gave us the latest sneak peek at the upcoming Serverless Console - the operations console for teams to monitor and collaborate on modern cloud apps.

We're also starting to take submissions for our new Serverless user story and author program - we'll be sharing more details soon! Let us know if you're interested in sharing your Serverless story with us or becoming a paid author!



Serverless Framework v3 Beta

Serverless Cloud - Try the Public Preview

Serverless Console - Private Preview

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