Join the November 18 2021 Community Call for the Latest Announcements

Oct 28, 2021

Come join us for our upcoming Serverless Community Call on November 18, 2021 at 10 AM PST, presented by Austen Collins, CEO and creator of the Serverless Framework, and other members of the Framework and Cloud team.

We have some big announcements planned the first two weeks of November - this is an opportunity to learn more of the exciting new features we have planned to make serverless development, monitoring, and team enablement easier than ever. We'll be showing demos of our latest products and features, ask for your feedback, and have time where you can ask questions during our live Q&A.

New Product Announcement

We'll be unveiling a preview of our latest upcoming product - we can't reveal the name just yet! Sign up for the community call and stay tuned to find out more!

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