Framework V3 & Joot: Python, Machine Learning, Serverless Framework

Jan 31, 2022

Come join us for our February 2022 Serverless Community Call

Framework V3 is live!

We’ll be going over all of the new features of the newly released Serverless Framework V3

This new version brings a cleaner and redesigned CLI experience, stage parameters, and is 40% smaller.

We’ll have live Q&A throughout the call!

Serverless Framework, Python & Machine Learning

Chris Crabtree, co-founder of Joot, will be sharing their journey using Serverless Framework. Joot uses machine learning to help companies find optimal images for customer engagement on ads and social media.

Chris will share how they use Serverless Framework, JavaScript, Python, Amazon Sagemaker, and DynamoDB to process millions of images cost-effectively as they scale their startup.

Our team will also be present to answer live Q&A

See you soon!

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