One Chatbot, Two Millions Fans - How AbstractAI Reduced Back-End Costs By 95%

Mar 17, 2017

Serverless architecture has opened a whole new world of possibilities for developers. We’re seeing so many cool projects being built with the Serverless Framework. The open-source Framework allows you to easily build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, OpenWhisk, Google Cloud Functions and more.

Startups to Fortune 100 companies are using the Framework to build sophisticated event-driven systems. We’re collaborating with some of these organizations to highlight their exceptional work through the Serverless Partners Program. Serverless Partners are consultants and agencies who are verified experts in serverless application development with the Serverless Framework. We’ll share stories of how they use the Framework to work fast, manage costs and build for scale, in order to produce innovative products and solutions for their clients.

Meet AbstractAI

Los Angeles-based AbstractAI (Abstract) develops software and services to enable users to get the results they need faster. Abstract's areas of specialization include developing platform-agnostic apps, machine learning and AI, and bots. When working with bots - also referred to as Conversational Interfaces or CI - Abstract develops with less emphasis on conversation and more emphasis on CI's inherent lightweight platform.

2 Million Fans, 1 Bot

Abstract partnered with LA startup Brainitch, - a company that offers personalized, 1-to-1 marketing to artists on Facebook Messenger and similar platforms - to create a bot to help promote a birthday bash for electronic music artist Laidback Luke (LBL). LBL wanted to build a bot that would ask users trivia questions, and if they got enough questions right, they'd receive an exclusive invite to his birthday party in NYC or Amsterdam.

Reducing Backend Costs

Abstract reduced the recurring costs associated with Laidback Luke's bank-end services nearly 95% by using the Serverless Framework. When the number of users spikes, the architecture provides the needed network resources, but the user isn't charged otherwise. Leveraging Amazon Lambda and the Serverless Framework allows you to only pay for the resources that you actually use.

Another bonus - developing proficiency with Serverless Framework took only a week. The resources available within the Serverless Framework community showed the Abstract team how to create RESTful API's in less than ten minutes.

"Laidback Luke’s Messenger (bot) experience was a success and Luke’s birthday bash guest lists are filled up with super fans who deserve a free show!" - Todd T., CEO of Brainitch, LLC

Check out the AbstractAI Case Study for more on the specifics of their process and results.

Are you a consultant or agency using the Serverless Framework to streamline your workflow and build innovative solutions for your clients? Contact for more info on becoming an official Serverless Partner.

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