Fernando Medina Corey

Fernando is a Python-loving software engineer specializing in AWS applications and architectures. https://www.fernandomc.com

news - 21.04.20

Announcing HTTP API Troubleshooting
Framework Pro now supports automatic troubleshooting of HTTP APIs!

written by Fernando Medina Corey

news - 31.03.20

Announcing Troubleshooting Monolambdas with Express.js and Flask
You can now automatically monitor and troubleshoot monolambdas like Express.js and Flask with the Serverless Framework Pro!

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorialsnews - 13.03.20

The Official Guide to AWS HTTP APIs
There's a lot to learn about the new AWS HTTP APIs and the Serverless Framework so let's bring it all together in one place.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorialsnews - 10.03.20

AWS Lambda Destination Support
The Serverless Framework now supports the recently released Lambda Event Destinations.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 27.02.20

Serverless Auth with AWS HTTP APIs
Learn how to create an AWS HTTP API and set it up with a Cognito Authorizer.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 10.02.20

A Guide to Preview Deployments with Serverless CI/CD
A closer look at working with Preview Deployments in the Serverless CI/CD solution.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 24.01.20

Deploying Your First Knative Service with the Serverless Framework
Learn how to use the Serverless Framework to deploy your first Knative service on a Kubernetes cluster running in Google Cloud.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

news - 04.12.19

re:Invent 2019 - AWS API Gateway v2 for HTTP
AWS just announced support for HTTP APIs in AWS API Gateway v2.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

news - 26.11.19

New Lambda Features - Pre-re:Invent - Nov. 2019
AWS recently announced several new features for Lambda that you might want to take advantage of.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 07.11.19

Migrating Monitoring from IOpipe to Serverless Framework Pro
Learn how to migrate your serverless application monitoring to Serverless Framework Pro from IOpipe.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 14.10.19

Serverless Deployment Best Practices
Learn some of the best practices when it comes to deploying serverless applications.

written by Fernando Medina Corey


Deploy a Serverless Frontend with the Serverless Finch Plugin
Learn how to deploy a static website to AWS with the Serverless Finch Plugin.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

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