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newsguides & tutorialsoperations & observability - 02.05.18

Fn Project brings containerized, cloud-agnostic functions to a cloud near you
The Fn Project is an open source, container-native serverless platform that you can run anywhere—on any cloud or on-premise.

written by David Wells

newsguides & tutorials - 02.04.18

AWS Lambda Node.js 8 support: what it changes for serverless developers
AWS Lambda just moved to support Node.js 8.10. This is what serverless developers need to know.

written by David Wells

guides & tutorials - 18.12.17

How to build a static Serverless site with Netlify
How Serverless.com manages their static, serverless website with Netlify and the Serverless Framework.

written by David Wells


Webtasks brings node 8, no cold starts, and streamlined on-boarding to Serverless
Eliminate cold starts and get from zero to deploy in under 3 minutes with the Auth0 Webtasks provider integration

written by David Wells


Run Serverless Functions at half the cost with Spotinst & Serverless Framework
Using the Spotinst provider integration for serverless you can run multi-region, cross-cloud functions at 50-80% the cost

written by David Wells


Kubeless brings functions as a service to Kubernetes & on-prem
Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native way to deploy and manage your serverless functions via the serverless framework

written by David Wells


3 Steps To Faster Serverless Development
Sometimes the development feedback loop can be slow when working with serverless functions. This posts walks through some quick tips I use to speed things up

written by David Wells


Serverless Air #2 - The Serverless ecosystem now & where it's going with Jared Short
Jared Short from Trek10 joins us to share his take on the serverless ecosystem and where it's going.

written by David Wells


How To Schedule Posts for Static Site Generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Phenomic etc.)
Open source static site scheduler tool built with serverless

written by David Wells


How to gain more visiblity into your Github Projects using Scope
Learn how you can get a quick bird's eye view of your project.

written by David Wells

guides & tutorials - 07.12.16

How to Create a Fast, Secure, and Scalable Open Source Blog with React + Markdown
How serverless used phenomic.io to create a fast, secure, and scalable open source blog powered by React & Markdown

written by David Wells


Serverless Typography
This is a dummy post with typography

written by David Wells

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