Casey Shultz

Serverless Operations Manager Casey Shultz is a yoga loving, dog cuddling, San Francisco transplant originally from Alaska. When she's not ruling the Serverless office with an iron fist you can find her camping in Yosemite.

engineering culture - 14.11.18

The true cost of a new employee: compensation calculator for startups
Employee compensation is probably your biggest expense, but the total cost of an employee goes beyond their salary. Use this total compensation calculator to accurately budget!

written by Casey Shultz

engineering culture - 04.04.18

Strategies for working with remote and distributed teams
Distributed teams allow you to hire the best people from over the world. Here are some lessons learned, and how-tos, for doing them right.

written by Casey Shultz


How to plan a team retreat
Bi-annual retreats - how we improve communication and make remote teams work.

written by Casey Shultz


How Serverless Defined Its Team Values
Follow us on our journey to create a resilient team culture that attracts world class talent to the Serverless team.

written by Casey Shultz


6 Lessons Learned on Building Awesome Developer Communities from CMX Summit
Severless Operations Manager, Casey Shultz, shares tips for building an engaged developer community from CMX Summit 2016.

written by Casey Shultz

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