Serverless Framework
Catch errors & performance issues in real-time, based on advanced alerts, configured automatically.
Serverless Framework Alerts

Develop, Deploy, Monitor

The Serverless Framework generates a set of pre-configured alerts from automatically collected data. An alerts stream helps catch performance issues caused by a new deployment. Just open your dashboard, deploy and monitor the stream. You’ll see errors and performance hits caused by your deployment, both immediately after the deployment, and later, when an issue persists.

No Firehoses

Serverless Framework Alerts focus on issues that impact your end-user experience, your costs and your security. We alert on:

• Unusual function durations
• Timeouts
• Out of memory occurrences
• Escalating invocations
• New error types, and escalating error rates
• And, more

Actionable Alerting

If you’re new to serverless computing, we’ll shorten your troubleshooting learning curve with helpful recommendations included in each alert. We’ll describe possible causes for an issue, and advise you how to resolve it. We include direct links to invocation reports, logs, spans and stack traces, so you can take action right away.

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.