Serverless Print Resolved Plugin

Generate a copy of serverless.yml with all variables resolved.

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This plugin generates a copy of serverless.yml with all Serverless variables resolved to actual values. It can also write additional metadata that is available.


Install the plugin:

npm install -D serverless-print-resolved-plugin

Register the plugin in serverless.yml:

  - serverless-print-resolved-plugin

After package / deploy, .serverless/serverless-resolved.yml will contain a copy of serverless.yml but with all variables resolved.

To include more metadata from the serverless object, add the following to serverless.yml:

    # Paths are followed using `lodash.get()`
      - serverless.pluginManager.hooks
      - serverless.variables.option

Note: objects / properties considered invalid by js-yaml are skipped.

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npm install serverless -g