Serverless AWS Nested Stacks

Yet another AWS nested stack plugin!


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Nested stacks for the Serverless Framework!


Run npm install in your Serverless project.

$ npm install serverless-aws-nested-stacks --save-dev


Write your nested stacks as regular cloudformation and easily integrate them with the Serverless Framework!

This plugin handles:

  • Adding the appropriate AWS::Cloudformation::Stack type resources to the generated sls cloudformation template.
  • Uploading your nested stacks to your designated S3 deployment bucket.

Configuration Reference

  - serverless-aws-nested-stacks

    location: nested-stacks                      # Where do you keep your nested stacks?
      - id: MyGroovyNestedStack                  # Logical ID (Required)
        template: nested-template.yml            # Template file name (Required)
        enabled: true                            # optional flag for enabled/disabling substack
        timeout: 60                              # Minutes before stack creation times out.
        parameters:                              # Stack parameters as key value pairs
          - InstanceType: t1.micro
          - BlahBlah: abc123
        tags:                                    # Stack tags
          - ${file(nested-stacks/core-tags.yml)} # Load tags from a file?
          - CustomTag: Yolo
        notifications:                           # Notification ARN's for SNS
          - arn:aws:sns:region:account-id:topicname

  • custom.nested-stacks.location - (Required) Organisation is important. Keep all your nested stacks in one place and use this attribute to define where that place is.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks - (Required) Your very own list of nested stack definitions!
  • - (Required) The logical ID of the nested stack resource.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.template - (Required) The file name of the nested stack. Remember, this file must exist in the directory defined by custom.nested-stacks.location.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.timeout - Time in minutes before the stack creation times out.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.parameters - A list of key value pairs to be passed into the nested stack as parameters.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.tags - A list of key value pairs to be passed into the nested stack as its tags.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.notifications - A list of existing Amazon SNS topics where notifications about stack events are sent.
  • custom.nested-stacks.stacks.dependson - The ID of another CloudFormation resource. Specify another stack ID to order the application of nested stacks.

Want to know more?

Read the AWS Cloudformation documentation for AWS::Cloudformation::Stack resources!