Serverless Plugin Dart

Deploy Dart applications to AWS Lambda

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A ⚡ Serverless framework ⚡ plugin for Dart applications

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📦 Install

Install the plugin inside your serverless project with npm.

$ npm i -D serverless-dart

💡 The -D flag adds it to your development dependencies in npm speak

💡 This plugin assumes you are using Dart Runtime for AWS Lambda coding your applications.

Add the following to your serverless project's serverless.yml file

service: hello
  name: aws
  runtime: dart
  # this registers the plugin
  # with serverless
  - serverless-dart
# creates one artifact for each function
  individually: true
    # the first part of the handler refers to the script lib/main.dart.
    # main.hello identifies the handler to execute in the Dart runtime.
    # The runtime supports multiple handlers
    # The plugin is smart to not rebuild those scripts with multiple handlers.
    handler: main.hello
      - http:
          path: /hello
          method: GET

💡 The Dart Runtime for AWS Lambda requires a binary named bootstrap. This plugin renames the binary dart2native builds to bootstrap for you and zips that file.

The default behavior is to build your Lambda inside a Docker container. Make sure you get Docker.

🤸 Usage

Every serverless workflow command should work out of the box.

package your Lambdas

$ npx serverless deploy

deploy your Lambdas

$ npx serverless deploy

👨‍💻 Development

Clone the repository

$ git clone

Link the package

$ npm link

Link the package to your testing environment

$ npm link serverless-dart

📃 License

Apache 2.0

We :blue_heart: Dart.