Serverless Framework
Integrate metrics, alerts and more with the all of your other tools.
Serverless Framework Dashboard

Get notified before something goes wrong

Get notifications about potential issues before they impact the quality of service. You’ll be notified about dangers like new errors, high memory usage, unusual durations, and more. The integration allow you to send the notifications to your team via Slack or email.

Add custom integrations with Webhooks and SNS Topics

While getting notified in Slack and email is great, sometimes you might want to send it to other tools in your ecosystem, like custom internal tools or other services not yet supported out of the box (e.g. PagerDuty). Use the webhooks or SNS Topic integration to send alerts from Serverless Framework to custom API endpoints or SNS Topics.

Configure notifications to get exactly what you need

Serverless Framework Notifications are highly customizable, so you can target specific applications, services, stages, teams, and metrics. Your team will get notified only about what is actionable to them, cutting out all the noise.

Extend Serverless with Plugins and Components

If you need to setup even deeper integration with Serverless Framework, you can also use Serverless Plugins to integrate with the Serverless CLI, and use Components to integrate with other service providers.

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for use cases.