Tencent-SCF - Packaging

Package CLI Command

Using the Serverless CLI tool, you can package your project without deploying it to Tencent Cloud. This is best used with CI / CD workflows to ensure consistent deployable artifacts.

Running the following command will build and save all of the deployment artifacts in the service's .serverless directory:

serverless package

However, you can also use the --package option to add a destination path and Serverless will store your deployment artifacts there (./my-artifacts in the following case):

serverless package --package my-artifacts

Package Configuration

Sometimes you might like to have more control over your function artifacts and how they are packaged.

You can use the package and exclude configuration for more control over the packaging process.

Exclude / include

Exclude and include allows you to define globs that will be excluded / included from the resulting artifact. If you wish to include files you can use a glob pattern prefixed with ! such as !re-include-me/** in exclude or the dedicated include config. Serverless will run the glob patterns in order.

At first it will apply the globs defined in exclude. After that it'll add all the globs from include. This way you can always re-include previously excluded files and directories.

By default, serverless will exclude the following patterns:

  • .git/**
  • .gitignore
  • .DS_Store
  • npm-debug.log
  • .serverless/**
  • .serverless_plugins/**

and the serverless configuration file being used (i.e. serverless.yml)


Exclude all node_modules but then re-include a specific modules (in this case node-fetch) using exclude exclusively

    - node_modules/**
    - '!node_modules/node-fetch/**'

Exclude all files but handler.js using exclude and include

    - '!src/**'
    - src/function/handler.js

Note: Don't forget to use the correct glob syntax if you want to exclude directories

  - tmp/**
  - .git/**
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