#CMQ (Cloud Message Queue)

#Using a pre-existing topic

In the following example we choose a pre-existing CMQ topic with name cmq_trigger. The function will be called every time a message is sent to the test-topic topic.

    handler: index.main_handler
    runtime: Nodejs8.9
      - cmq:
          name: cmq_trigger
            name: test-topic
            enable: true

Note: CMQ triggers are enabled by default.

#Event Structure for CMQ Topic Trigger

When receiving a message, the specified CMQ Topic sends the following event data in JSON format to the bound SCF.

  "Records": [
      "CMQ": {
        "type": "topic",
        "topicName": "testtopic",
        "publishTime": "1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z",
        "msgId": "123345346",
        "msgBody": "Hello from CMQ!",
        "msgTag": ["tag1","tag2"]

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