OpenWhisk - Invoke Local

This runs your code locally by emulating the Apache OpenWhisk environment. Please keep in mind, it's not a 100% perfect emulation, there may be some differences, but it works for the vast majority of users.

serverless invoke local --function functionName

Please note that only the JavaScript and Python runtimes are supported with this command.


  • --function or -f The name of the function in your service that you want to invoke locally. Required.
  • --path or -p The path to a json file holding input data to be passed to the invoked function. This path is relative to the root directory of the service. The json file should have event and context properties to hold your mocked event and context data.
  • --data or -d String data to be passed as an event to your function. Keep in mind that if you pass both --path and --data, the data included in the --path file will overwrite the data you passed with the --data flag.
  • --env or -e String representing an environment variable to set when invoking your function, in the form <name>=<value>. Can be repeated for more than one environment variable.


Local function invocation

serverless invoke local --function functionName

This example will locally invoke your function.

Local function invocation with data

serverless invoke --function functionName --data "hello world"
serverless invoke --function functionName --data '{"a":"bar"}'

Local function invocation with data from standard input

node dataGenerator.js | serverless invoke local --function functionName

Local function invocation with data passing

serverless invoke local --function functionName --path lib/data.json

This example will pass the json data in the lib/data.json file (relative to the root of the service) while invoking the specified/deployed function.

Local function invocation, setting environment variables

serverless invoke local -f functionName -e VAR1=value1

# Or more than one variable

serverless invoke local -f functionName -e VAR1=value1 -e VAR2=value2


Currently, invoke local only supports the NodeJs and Python runtimes.

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