Kubeless - Logs

Lets you watch the logs of a specific function.

serverless logs -f hello


  • --function or -f The function you want to fetch the logs for. Required
  • --startTime A specific unit in time to start fetching logs from (ie: 2010-10-20 or 1469705761). Here's a list of the supported string formats:
30m                   # since 30 minutes ago
2h                    # since 2 hours ago
3d                    # since 3 days ago

2013-02-08            # A calendar date part
2013-W06-5            # A week date part
2013-039              # An ordinal date part

20130208              # Basic (short) full date
2013W065              # Basic (short) week, weekday
2013W06               # Basic (short) week only
2013050               # Basic (short) ordinal date

2013-02-08T09         # An hour time part separated by a T
20130208T080910,123   # Short date and time up to ms, separated by comma
20130208T080910.123   # Short date and time up to ms
20130208T080910       # Short date and time up to seconds
20130208T0809         # Short date and time up to minutes
20130208T08           # Short date and time, hours only
  • --filter You can specify a filter string to filter the log output. This is useful if you want to to get the error logs for example.
  • --tail or -t You can optionally tail the logs and keep listening for new logs in your terminal session by passing this option.
  • --count or -n You can print the last N lines of the log.


serverless logs -f hello --startTime 5h

This will fetch the logs that happened in the past 5 hours.

serverless logs -f hello --startTime 1469694264

This will fetch the logs that happened starting at epoch 1469694264.

serverless logs -f hello -t

Serverless will tail the platform log output and print new log messages coming in.

serverless logs -f hello --filter serverless

This will fetch only the logs that contain the string serverless

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