#Kubeless - Info

Displays information about the deployed service.

serverless info


  • --verbose or -v Shows the metadata of the Kubernetes objects.

#Provided lifecycle events

  • info:info


On Kubeless the info plugin uses the Kubernetes API to gather the necessary information about deployed functions and Kubernetes services. See the example below for an example output.


$ serverless info -v

Service Information "hello"
Cluster IP:
Type:  ClusterIP
  Protocol:  TCP
  Port:  8080
  Target Port:  8080
  Self Link:  /api/v1/namespaces/default/services/hello
  UID:  7c2494ea-8976-11e7-b8c4-0800275c88b3
  Timestamp:  2017-08-25T09:19:24Z
Function Info
Handler:  handler.hello
Runtime:  python2.7
Trigger:  HTTP
  Self Link:  /apis/k8s.io/v1/namespaces/default/functions/hello
  UID:  7c214cab-8976-11e7-b8c4-0800275c88b3
  Timestamp:  2017-08-25T09:19:23Z

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