#Knative - Functions

If you are using Knative as a provider, all functions inside the service are Knative Serving services.


All of the functions in your serverless service can be found in serverless.yml under the functions property.

service: my-service

  name: knative

# you can overwrite defaults here
#  stage: dev

  - serverless-knative

    handler: function-one.dockerfile
    context: ./code
    handler: gcr.io/knative-releases/github.com/knative/eventing-contrib/cmd/event_display:latest

The handler property points either to the Dockerfile which describes the container image which should be used as a Knative Serving service or to a container image on a remote Container Registry.

You might also want to specify the build context if you're using a Dockerfile as your handler configuration. You can do this with the context configuration. The build context will default to the current working directory if you're not specifying a context configuration.

You can specify an array of functions, which is useful if you separate your functions in to different files:

# serverless.yml
  - ${file(../foo-functions.yml)}
  - ${file(../bar-functions.yml)}
# foo-functions.yml
  handler: fooOne.dockerfile
  handler: fooTwo.dockerfile

Check out the Serverless Variables for all the details and options on how to make your configuration more dynamic.

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