Knative - Deploying

The Serverless Framework was designed to provision your Knative functions and events safely and quickly. It does this via a couple of methods designed for different types of deployments.

Upon deployment the Serverless Framework creates an own namespace on your Kubernetes cluster which follows this naming convention: sls-{service}-{stage}

Creating and managing different namespaces makes it possible to deploy multiple services with multiple stages Side-by-Side.

Deploy All

This is the main method for doing deployments with the Serverless Framework:

serverless deploy

Use this method when you have updated your function or event configuration in serverless.yml and you want to deploy that change (or multiple changes at the same time) to your Kubernetes cluster.

Note: You can always enforce a deployment using the --force option, or specify a different configuration file name with the the --config option.


  • Use this in your CI/CD systems, as it is the safest method of deployment.

  • This method defaults to the dev stage. You can change the default stage in your serverless.yml file by setting the stage properties inside a provider object as the following example shows:

    service: service-name
      name: knative
      stage: prod
  • You can also deploy to different stages by passing in flags to the command:

    serverless deploy --stage prod

Check out the deploy command docs for all details and options.

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