Knative - deploy

The serverless deploy command deploys your entire service.

serverless deploy


  • --config or -c Name of your configuration file, if other than serverless.yml|.yaml|.js|.json.
  • --stage or -s The stage in your service that you want to deploy to.


After the serverless deploy command runs, the Framework runs serverless package in the background first then deploys the service. During the deployment, the Framework creates a Kubernetes namespace (called sls-{service}-{stage}) which is used to host all your Kubernetes / Knative resources.


Deployment without stage options

serverless deploy

This is the simplest deployment usage possible. With this command Serverless will deploy your service to the defined provider in the default stage (dev).

Deployment with stage option

serverless deploy --stage prod

With this example we've defined that we want our service to be deployed to the prod stage.

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