Google - Events

Simply put, events are the things that trigger your functions to run.

If you are using Google Cloud Functions as your provider, all events in the service are anything in Google Cloud Functions that can trigger your Functions, like HTTP endpoints, pubSub messages, storage events, etc..

View the Google Cloud Functions events section for a list of supported events

Upon deployment, the framework will set up the corresponding event configuration your function should listen to.


Events belong to each Function and can be found in the events property in serverless.yml.

# serverless.yml
  first: # Function name
    handler: http # Reference to file index.js & exported function 'http'
    events: # All events associated with this function
      - http: true

Note: Currently only one event definition per function is supported.


The Serverless Framework supports all of Google Cloud Functions events. Instead of listing them here, we've put them in a separate section. Check out the events section for more information.


To deploy or update your Functions and Events run serverless deploy.

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