Fn - Deploying

The Serverless Framework was designed to provision your Fn Functions and Events. It does this via a couple of methods designed for different types of deployments.

Deploy All

This is the main method for doing deployments with the Serverless Framework:

serverless deploy

Use this method when you have updated your Function, Event or Resource configuration in serverless.yml and you want to deploy that change (or multiple changes at the same time) to your Fn cluster.

Note: You can specify a different configuration file name with the the --config option.

How It Works

The Serverless Framework translates all syntax in serverless.yml to Fn calls to provision your Functions.

For each function in your serverless.yml file, Fn will create an Fn Function.

For example, let's take the following example serverless.yml file:

service: hello-world

functions: # Your "Functions"
    name: hi
    version: 0.0.1
    runtime: go
      - http:
          path: /hello

When deploying that file FN will provide you with one endpoint that you can hit at: FN_API_URL/r/hello-world/hello

Deploy Function

This deployment method updates or deploys a single function. It performs the platform API call to deploy your package without the other resources. It is much faster than redeploying your whole service each time.

serverless deploy --function myFunction


Check out the deploy command docs for all details and options.

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