Hello World Node.js Example

Make sure serverless is installed. See installation guide.

Once installed the Serverless CLI can be called with serverless or the shorthand sls command.

$ sls

* You can run commands with "serverless" or the shortcut "sls"
* Pass "--verbose" to this command to get in-depth plugin info
* Pass "--no-color" to disable CLI colors
* Pass "--help" after any <command> for contextual help

1. Create a service

sls create --template azure-nodejs --path $(whoami)-sample-app

Using the create command we can specify one of the available templates. For this example we use azure-nodejs with the --template or shorthand -t flag.

The --path or shorthand -p is the location to be created with the template service files.


Azure plugin use a combination of:

  • prefix, if provided
  • service name
  • region
  • stage

to generate resource names. Since resource name have to be unique in Azure, adding $(whoami) will append your username to the service name, thus creating a unique name.

Install Provider Plugin

Change directories into the new folder created in previous step.


npm install

Testing Locally

You can skip this section if you do not want to test your functions locally before deploy.

Terminal 1

sls offline

Terminal 2

sls invoke local -f hello -d '{"name": "Azure"}'

In your terminal window you should see the following response

$Serverless: URL for invocation: http://localhost:7071/api/hello?name%3DAzure
$Serverless: Invoking function hello with GET request
$Serverless: "Hello Azure"


sls deploy

Invoke deployed function

  1. Invoke deployed function with command invoke and --function or shorthand -f.

    sls invoke -f hello -d '{"name": "Azure"}'
  2. In your terminal window you should see the response from azure

    $Serverless: Logging into Azure
    $Serverless: Using subscription ID: A356AC8C-E310-44F4-BF85-C7F29044AF99
    $Serverless: URL for invocation: http://{baseURL}.azurewebsites.net/api/hello?name%3DAzure
    $Serverless: Invoking function hello with GET request
    $Serverless: "Hello Azure"

Congrats you have deployed and ran your Hello World function!

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