#Azure - Rollback

Rollback the Serverless service to a specific deployment.

serverless rollback --timestamp timestamp


  • --resourceGroup or -g - Specify the resource group name
  • --stage or -s - Specify stage name
  • --region or -r - Specify region name
  • --subscriptionId or -i - Specify subscription ID
  • --timestamp or -t The deployment you want to rollback to.
  • --verbose or -v Shows any Stack Output.

#Provided lifecycle events

  • rollback:rollback



At first you want to run serverless deploy list to show your existing deployments. This will provide you with a list of the ARM deployments from Azure. You can then use the timestamp of one of these deployments to set your infrastructure stack and app code to this specific deployment.


$ sls deploy list
Serverless: Listing deployments for resource group 'sls-myapp-rg':

Name: sls-myapp-rg-deployment-t1562970576430
Timestamp: 1562970576430
Datetime: 2019-07-12T22:29:36.430Z

Name: sls-myapp-rg-deployment-t1562970293429
Timestamp: 1562970293429
Datetime: 2019-07-12T22:24:53.429Z
$ serverless rollback -t 1562970293429

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