Azure - Deploy

The serverless deploy command deploys your infrastructure and app code via the Azure Resource Manager API.

serverless deploy

The sls deploy apim command will deploy API management as configured within serverless.yml. If you have it configured, it will automatically deploy as a lifecycle event of sls deploy. However, if you make changes to your configuration or just want to deploy APIM, this will do the job


  • --resourceGroup or -g - Specify the resource group name
  • --stage or -s - Specify stage name
  • --region or -r - Specify region name
  • --subscriptionId or -i - Specify subscription ID
  • --config or -c Name of your configuration file, if other than serverless.yml|.yaml|.js|.json.
  • --verbose Shows all stack events during deployment, and display any Stack Output.


After the serverless deploy command runs, all created deployment artifacts are placed in the .serverless folder of the service.



serverless deploy
# Deploy APIM
sls deploy apim

This is the simplest deployment usage possible. With this command, Serverless will deploy your service to the defined Azure platform endpoints.

Provided lifecycle events

  • deploy:deploy
  • deploy:list:list
  • deploy:apim:apim
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