When using the Serverless Dashboard, the framework automatically injects the serverless_sdk module into your lambda package and wraps your lambda to automatically instrument all the monitoring features in the Dashboard.

It also has certain features you can use directly in your lambda such as capturing an error in the Dashboard without causing your lambda to error and custom function spans.

NodeJS Documentation

Python Documentation

Advanced Span Configuration

For most of the SDK configuration, like turning on/off span collection, follow the Monitoring Configuration instructions to modify your serverless.yml appropriately.

If needed, you can configure HTTP span collection with the following environment variables

  • SERVERLESS_ENTERPRISE_SPANS_CAPTURE_HOSTS - * by default. Set to a comma delimited list of host names to capture.
  • SERVERLESS_ENTERPRISE_SPANS_IGNORE_HOSTS - not set by default. Set to comma delimited list of hostnames to not capture.
  • SERVERLESS_ENTERPRISE_SPANS_CAPTURE_AWS_SDK_HTTP - not set by default. Set to any value to also capture HTTP spans for requests from botocore or aws-sdk.
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