Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free tier?

Yes, up to 1 concurrent build with the Free tier. No credit card required, just sign up.

How much does it cost if I need more?

You get one free concurrent deployment with the Free tier. The Team tier includes 2 concurrent builds and you can buy more for $25/mo/concurrent build.

Do you support preview deployments from pull requests?

Yes! You can add preview deployments to your CI/CD Settings. This will automatically test and deploy your service from a pull request. The results will be posted in the pull request status. You can also setup auto deletion of deployed resources for preview deployments so that “sls remove” is automatically run when your feature branch is merged and deleted.

Can I deploy for multiple branches?

Yes! Add other branch deployments to configure from any branch to any stage. We see a lot of folks deploy to a staging environment from the master branch, and to production from a production branch.

Can I use different AWS Accounts for each Stage?

Yes! You can use deployment profiles to add as many AWS Accounts as you would like, and map them to individual stages in your application.

Is it just for Serverless Framework?

Yes! Serverless CI/CD is designed around the Serverless Framework to provide a seamless experience for developers. Anything you can deploy with the Serverless Framework you can deploy with Serverless CI/CD. The Serverless Framework is extensible with Plugins , so it works with a broad range of services.

Are all runtimes supported?

Only the most popular runtimes, Node and Python, are currently supported. These two runtimes account for about 90% of all serverless services. Support for other runtimes is coming soon.

Does Serverless CI/CD support AWS, Azure and GCP?

Only AWS is supported at this time; however, support for other cloud service providers is coming.

Do I need to host, manage, or operate any agents?

Nope! Serverless CI/CD is a 100% SaaS and managed for you. If you prefer to self-host, that is available as an option with the Enterprise tier.

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