#Serverless Framework Deprecations

#Defining extensions to nonexistent resources in resources.extensions

Starting with v3.0.0, extensions to nonexistent resources in resources.extensions will throw an error instead of passing silently.

#Support for enableLocalInstallationFallback setting is to be removed

Starting with v3.0.0, framework will unconditionally run service local installation of serverless if its found.

#Fallback to a service local serverless installation

Starting with v2.0.0, globally installed CLI will by default run (fallback to) service local installation of serverless if it's found.

Adapt to this behavior now by adding enableLocalInstallationFallback: true to service configuration. Alternatively you may opt-out by setting it to false (note that'll be ineffective starting from v3.0.0, where support for this setting will be dropped, and CLI will unconditionally favor locally installed serverless installations when found)

#AWS HTTP API timeout

provider.httpApi.timeout and functions[].events[].httpApi.timeout settings will no longer be recognized with v2.0.0.

Endpoints are configured to automatically follow timeout setting as configured on functions (with extra margin needed to process HTTP request on AWS side)

#slss alias

Support for slss command will be removed with v2.0.0. Use sls or serverless instead.

#AWS Lambda Function Destinations maximumEventAge & maximumRetryAttempts

maximumEventAge and maximumRetryAttempts should be defined directly at function level. Support for those settings on destinations level, will be removed with v2.0.0

#AWS HTTP API payload format

Default HTTP API Payload version will be switched to 2.0 with next major release (For more details see payload format documentation)

Configure httpApi.payload explicitly to ensure seamless migration.

#Outdated Node.js version

Support for Node.js v6 and v8 will be dropped with v2.0.0 release

Ensure to rely on at least Node.js v10 (It's recommended to use LTS version, as listed at https://nodejs.org/en/)

#AWS ALB allowUnauthenticated

Please use onUnauthenticatedRequest instead. allowUnauthenticated will be removed with v2.0.0


Please use bin/serverless.js instead. bin/serverless will be removed with v2.0.0

#awsKmsKeyArn references

Plase use provider.kmsKeyArn and functions[].kmsKeyArn. service.awsKmsKeyArn and functions[].awsKmsKeyArn will be removed with v3.0.0

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