At Serverless, we value open source. We are incredibly proud of the way the Serverless community steps up to the plate on a daily basis to contribute to the project and help guide newcomers.

To recognize our community superstars, we established The Serverless Champions program.

What does it take to become a Serverless Champion?

Our Serverless Champions are:

Heroes in the serverless community

Big evangelists of Serverless projects

Thought leaders in an enterprise cheering serverless

Major contributors to open-source serverless projects

Proactive at answering community questions and resolving issues

Speakers at serverless conferences and events

Builders of serverless projects, and teachers for those who are learning

Nominated members receive:

Limited-edition t-shirt and jacket with Serverless champion insignia

Special recognition post on the Serverless.com blog

Showcase on the Serverless Champions page with exclusive interview

Serverless Champion sticker and digital badges

Invitation to the Serverless Champions Slack channel

Early product announcements and invitations to alpha/beta releases

Our Serverless Champions

Community ambassadors handpicked by us.

Takahiro Horike
Takahiro Horike

Software Engineer

DigitalCube Co.Ltd

Marcia Villalba
Marcia Villalba

Senior Full-stack Developer


Ryan Scott Brown
Ryan Scott Brown

Senior Software Engineer

Ansible by Red Hat

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g