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Introducing the hyper-productive serverless app platform with single second deployments

Cloud development at light speed.

Serverless Cloud apps live in the cloud and feature instant deployment, real-time logs, and more. Now, you can develop on live cloud infrastructure without sacrificing speed.

Fast Deployments

Serverless Cloud is hyper-optimized to offer sub-5-second code synchronization and deployment. Now, you can work on the same environment you'll use in production, at the speed of your local environment.

Fast Feedback

Logs stream in real-time to your console and the Serverless Cloud dashboard, enabling you to discover and debug errors from your cloud environment instantly.

Fast Performance

Backed by bleeding-edge services running on the world's largest and most reliable cloud providers, your applications run at lightning speed—whether you're in San Fran, Stockholm, or Shenzhen.

Familiar and powerful use-cases

Just write code. Serverless Cloud will interpret it, provision the required infrastructure, optimize it for performance, and ensure it scales automatically. It's Infrastructure-from-Code.

Familiar Syntax

Our Express.js-like framework lets you declare your use-cases and business logic in code, with an API so familiar, you'll be up and running in seconds.

APIs, Tasks & More

APIs, scheduled tasks, event processing, static site rendering, and more. Everything you need to deliver robust, full-stack applications is available out-of-the-box.

Data Built-In

Serverless Cloud features a massively scalable and user-friendly data solution built-in, capable of complex queries and access patterns.

The first forkable cloud workflow

Serverless Cloud is the first forkable cloud. Rapidly create live clones of your apps and data for fast iteration, bug fixing, previewing, feedback, integration testing, and more.

Forkable Apps & Data

Within seconds, you can clone any stage of an app—as well as its data—enabling every developer to have their own environment which they can work on autonomously.

Preview Apps

Any app stage can also be cloned to create shareable preview instances for collecting feedback. Simply remove them when you're done, or better, have them self-destruct automatically.

Easy Testing

You can also create app clones instantly to run integration tests with. No more cleaning up broken test environments.

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